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ICE Expo 2022 participation

26 Dec, 2022

ICE Expo 2022 participation

Considering the competitive market which has been growing extensively each year, knowing your product and showcasing them with an innovative booth idea can make your product & brand stand out.

We at Jalaram Timber have strived to build and expand our business over four decades and counting to bring the best products from across the world.

Showcasing our products with creating a milestone for every decade, this was a leap taken right from the year 1977 by owner Suman Shah who has consistently given his best in the Wood and Veneer industry.

At ICE Expo 2022 which is one of the largest covering exhibitions held in India is growing exponentially each year. The expo witnesses the finest brands, eminent architects, builders, investors and designers from India and the world.

It was a wonderful event and team Jalaram Timber is truly overwhelmed with such an amazing response we received from the visitors.

We were truly mesmerized with the crowd coming in and showing such a graceful interest in our stall. The overall event and all the stalls were so dynamic and innovative in their own way and each stall represented a new and presentable story.

We displayed our finest products Veneer, Solid Wood Flooring, Solid Surface by Dupont Corian, and many more ranges.

Catch glimpses of our stall and art installation with an innovative design.

Freedom Art Installation along with our stall was conceptualized and created by Minnie Bhatt & Prashant Keluskar.
A world chained by barbed wires of a raging pandemic strived to regain its freedom.
Freedom for the collective human consciousness from fear and adversity - a flight upwards to discover new horizons unrestrained.

We are truly obliged and thankful to each and every one to make this event a big success.