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Veneer, a thin slice of wood cut from a wooden log with a slicing machine is glued on to core panel or used directly for making fine furniture, doors, cabinets, panelling etc. To create an effect of having used solid wood.

Jalaram, pioneers for veneers in India are renowned for having the widest range of natural, dyed and engineered veneers that are sold with the original botanical names. The face thickness of 0.5mm-0.6mm gives a sturdier look and can be sanded and repolished a number of times.

The quality, fair pricing and the unmatched range at Jalaram has stood the test of time and is unparalleled in the country today.


  • 1.Every unsual and different looking veneer, with a fancy name is exotic
  • 2.Real Wood flooring is difficult to maintain
  • 3.Wood should not be used extensively for exterious
  • 4.Over the years, timber will begin to decay, split, crack or stain


  • 1.Every enginereed and dyed veneer with a fancy name is neither exotic or authentic
  • 2.Engineered and solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished to last decades
  • 3.Thermowood has reduced moisture and is apt for external decking and cladding
  • 4.Klin dried timber controls moisture and protects decay, fungal stain