Veneer is a thin slice of wood cut from a log with a slicing machine. It is used on plywood or fine furniture for valuable timber resources.

Decorative veneers combined with plywood are more stable than using some species of timber which can be prone to warping and splitting. Another benefit is the extensive range of colours and veneers created from expensive species of wood, thus making them affordable.

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Veneers can be easily deceptive once dyed in various colours or given fancy name tags. They may look strikingly different, but do not qualify as exotic.

Jalaram Natural Veneers has some of the truly exotic species of veneers that are sold with the original botanical names. The face thickness of 0.5mm – 0.6mm gives a sturdier look and can be sanded and repolished a number of times. The quality, fair pricing and the unmatched range at Jalaram has stood the test of time and is unparalleled in the country today.

Jalaram are the pioneers for veneers in India and are renowned for having the widest range and the best quality. The quality is a decisive factor in determining which veneer to be used. Over three decades of experience, expertise and contacts all over the world enables us to guarantee you high-quality veneers based on trust and reliability.


Jalaram stocks endless varieties of wood species from across the from the other in colour, characteristics, texture and structure. Jalaram stocks unlimited design possibilities such as straight grains, floral, figured, pommele, crotch, cluster and burls from the same species such as Walnut, Oak, Sycamore, Mahogany and many others. Jalaram specialises in some very rare, unique and exotic veneers which are one of its kind and can be termed as "limited editions".


Veneers are sliced and spliced in novel ways to create varied patterns for a unique aesthetic appeal.

Woven veneers are created by weaving together strips of veneers, while splicing strips in a linear manner creates Leanea.

Juxtaposing veneer in different and unusual patterns forms Parquet, Zeta, Inchy and many more patterns.


As its name implies engineered wood veneers are produced from inexpensive renewable natural species to achieve a pre-designed appearance. These veneers are dyed and glued together into various shaped blocks and re-sliced to achieve desired patterns.

Engineered veneers are a great option for projects where colour and consistency is critical. They are defect-free and uniform.


Natural wood veneers such as Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Tulip, etc. are dyed to eliminate natural colour species, providing uniformity, consistency and customized colour options to designers and architects.

Unlike surface dyeing, this variety of veneer is completely treated with dyeing agents and therefore can be sanded without effecting colour.


In the process of the so called "Smoked veneers", tannic acid containing timber such as oak and larch is treated with Ammonia (NH3). During this treatment an acid – base reaction takes place. These are responsible for the darkening of the veneer. Light colours turn into wonderful warm tones - hazelnut to deep chocolate brown.

This gives the product a distinctive natural character which is different from other coloured veneers.


The latest technology using vacuum pressure treatment, guarantees veneers to be fumed ‘through and through’ with minimum concentration of ammonia.

Jalaram now has a larger than ever variety of dark veneers. Due to the variable coloration of the veneers, three dimensional shadow effects are formed giving it a silky lustre – different from coloured veneers. Because of their brilliant look and feel, veneered surfaces are incomparable and absolutely unique.
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