The thermal modification process of Thermowood utilises only high temperatures (between 160° and 215°C) and steam. Therefore the end-product is completely natural and chemical free.This is achieved by gradual thermal modification which reduces the stresses caused by high temperatures on the chemical and physical elements of the product. Thermowood is available in Pine and Birch.

Due to improved insulation properties, Thermowood is a perfectly suitable decking material. It is lightweight hence easy to work with and install. Thermowood proves to be an excellent material for terraces, patios and balconies, as it withstands the changes of heat and cold, and keeps it pleasant to walk on.


Dimensionally stable and durable, Thermowood is an outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades. Processed Thermowood allows Scandinavian softwood to be successfully used in hot and humid weather conditions, lending exteriors the desired elegance.


The weatherproof qualities of Thermowood make it an excellent choice for use in gardens and landscaping areas like fences, pergolas, terrace pillars and posts or even garden buildings such as gazebos.
In addition to garden design, Thermowood is an excellent raw material for joinery products such as doors and windows.

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