Montelli® Solid Surface is manufactured by DuPont™, a 'TOP 500' company with over 200 years of history. It is a decorative material produced by a continuous casting process with applications in residential as well as commercial areas.

As Montelli® is solid and uniform, the surface is durable, non-porous, hygienic and repairable. The sheets can be cut, routed, seamed inconspicously, sanded and engraved to create many designs, colour inlays and effects. These benefits make it an ideal choice over traditional materials like stone and wood. It is used for kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, shower surrounds, wall panels, coffee tables, reception desks etc.


HOME - Kitchen Counter Tops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Wall Cladding, Table Tops
HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS - Food Counters, Tables, Bar Counters, Partitions, Interior Cladding
RETAIL - Counter Tops and Interior Cladding in Malls, Showrooms, Salons and Beauty Parlours
BANKS AND AIRPORTS - Transaction and Immigration Counters, Partitions, Interior Cladding
OFFICE - Receptions Desks, Workstation Table Tops, Partitions, Washroom Counters


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